Supply of natural based products

Our main goal is to provide the best quality products from the most reliable and natural sources.


Pyrethrum is a botanical insecticide derived from the dried flower heads of Chrysanthemum cinerariifolium and Chrysanthemum coccineum.

Bacillus Thuringensis

Bacillus thuringiensis is a Gram-positive, soil-dwelling bacterium, commonly used as a biological pesticide.

Tea - CTC

Tea origin form Kenya, Malawi, Uganda and Rwanda. Processes using traditional methods.

Fatty Acid Soap

Potassium soaps of vegetable oils sourced fatty acids. Applies to main component in herbicide and the insecticidal formulations.

PBO Piperonyol Butoxid 95%

It is an organic compound used as a component of pesticide formulations. it enhances the potency of certain pesticides such as pyrethrins from the group of pyrethroids.

Essential oils (10 different)

1. Eucalyptus oil

2. Geranium oil

3. Vetiver oil

4. Lemongrass oil

5. Patchouli oil

6. Lippia oil

7. Garlic Oil

8. Ginger Oil

9. Tetradenia riparia extract

10. Green coffee bean & Roasted coffee extracts

Organic macadamia

Cutting fresh flowers

Logistics & Warehousing

We adapt ourselves to each individual situation and need by providing our customers a bespoke service:

(1)Sample management

(2)Custom clearance in all our distribution hubs

(3)Door-to-door on time deliveries(DAP)

(4)Warehousing management

(5)Regulatory and advisory



Dufourstrasse 28, 8702 Zollikon, Switzerland

Business Branches

Oporto (PT)

Barcelona (SP)

Distribution Centres

Rotterdam (NL)

Zurich (CH)

Barcelona (SP)

HH and Frankfurt (DE) (opening soon)

Legal and Registration support for clients & suppliers

All our products are legally registered under the respective EU directorate and Authority.

Our biocide active substances are listed under the "article 95" of ECHA (European Chemical Agency) in Helsinki

Our active ingredients for agriculture are registered under the (EU) No. 1107/2009 regulation of EFSA (European Food & Safety Authority)

Our pharma grade active substances are listed under the "article 95" of ECHA as well

Legal and regulatory services

VdG-Trading International ltd. is an independent legal entity located in the EU (Oporto Portugal), which enables all our customers to register their own formulations by offering them the needed regulatory assistance, e.g. providing Letter s of supply & letters of access to the protected data.

Furthermore it offers all Non-EU suppliers the needed support & assistance required by the EU Authorities to be compliant in each country within the European territories, Switzerland, Norway, Lichtenstein, Andorra, the Vatican, Gibraltar and the UK to register & commercialize their products in all those territories.

Status of Regulation:

Biocide actives:

(EU) No. 528/2012 former Directive 98/8 EC

Agriculture actives:

(EU) No. 1107/2009 former Directive 91/414 EEC

Pharma based Pyretrum:

(EU) No. 528/2012 former Directive 98/8 EC based DMF

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Product & Formulation Development

Product & Formulation strategies to develop a new product:

1)Identify an unique business opportunity

2)Build an expert team to start the project


4)Begin with project:

1 Stage: Formulation development

2 Stage: registration & marketing development

3 Stage: Product ready to be lounged

Launch product in the market.

Our deep know-how and links within the Ag-Chem/BIocide industry allows us together with the best Formulators and partners aroud Europe and together with our legal & regulatory advisors to support and help you in the development and registration of a complete new and innovative formulation & product.

Corporate Social Responsibility

1. Environmental efforts:

Our products are all originated from the hands of hard working African farmers, who cultivate their plants 100% organic without the use of plant protection products nor any synthetic fertilizers nor synthetic plant growers. These are products originated by the hand of the most hard working people on this planet “the farmer”.

“We in Switzerland, Barcelona & Oporto put all our efforts into the environment, such as green energy usage, eco-friendly office and travel policies, and ensuring that businesses take a responsibility for controlling if their net impact is positive or negative”.

2. Ethical labor practices:

We treat all our employees fair and with full respect. This is especially important point in our corporate policy, since we operate in international locations with labour laws that differ from those in Switzerland and the EU. Through programs developed by institutions such as ECOCERT/FLOCERT, we put all our efforts to implement a safe and secure labour environment on the fields of Africa and Asia, so that families who are selling their products into our product-chain may as well benefit from that same chain and support their own families, so that each African child , whose family ties have links to one of our industries e.g. Pyrethrum, Tea, Macadamia, Coffee, has the chance to visit school as every other child in the USA and the EU.

3. Our Aim:

By practicing our daily work, we are influencing directly the life of millions of small scale farmers, by offering them the chance to sell their products at a fair price in their local markets and therefore improve the life of the communities they live in. Our ultimate goal is to eliminate extreme poverty from the face of the earth.